October 08, 2016

The Sun Rises in the East

The West Dies of Entropy while the East Greets the Rising Sun

Thermodynamics and the Second Law

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The West is dying; "dead meat" best describes, and everything it leads, is leading, is dependently connected thereto, and its vassals (a preferred state of being), is going to die, is dying, with it. The West has entered a state of oblivion. 

The East, which is being led by China and Russia, as I have stated previously, has taken over Global affairs, and will soon dominate and influence the many nations of the World, in many ways. A New Age is upon us (if we survive the USA exit). 

As to the question as to why and how a claim of Thermodynamics and its Entropic nature, that is, the Second Law of Thermodynamics can be hypothesized as to explain the current predicament animating upon the face of our Planet.. [ I have written on this matter on my Blog Verbewarp under the headings "To Be or Not to Be' and 'Entropy' - see bottom of this page] I submit this brief missive in a context of today's tensions between the East and the West; the former primarily Russia and China and the latter, the USA. 

Entropy naturally creates waste and pollution and it does this to cool itself and to starve off that equilibrium which eventually brings the demise of all emergent entities of the energetic Universe. As the vessel reaches equilibrium it naturally seeks energy to extend its life being. Such energy comes in x2 distinct forms: 1. Negative Energy and 2. Free Energy.

Negative Energy consists of resources that 'belongs' to other entities / organisms / molecules / tribes / nations, while Free Energy is unfettered and unclaimed Energy, the former an act of theft /war /chaos. The latter, Free Energy, an act of innovation, a technological leap (for example: the sword, the crossbow, the Printing Press, the Cotton Gin, the telephone, the airplane, the Internet, etc.) a mutational differentiation and change in behaviour, a cognitive evolutionary shift and a major shift away from the consensual fabric of common underlying medium; in this case, a spiritual evolution in the mindset which brings openness, confidence and elevated horizons. Free energy is created through the application of the natural volitile Will of the Individual in claiming the accomplishment of Intellect.

I am, of course, shifting the context here to Humanity and its strong tendencies for Tribal Nationalism and Collectivism. 

The essential differences between China- Russia and the USA are that China and Russia have become Open Systems while the USA has become a Closed System. I reference here in terms of physics and meta physics, of course, and which includes the anthropological and biological sciences. 

The evidence: 

1. In the first instance we have wars over the past ~5,000 years, roughly speaking, which have clearly been attempts to acquire the resources of other nations, that is, the acquisition of Negative Energy is typical and normal historical behaviour of the current Age. 

2. We are experiencing, since well before the US Reagan Presidency period, intensified banking and financial criminal fraud. Since the Clinton Presidency period, this Banking criminal activity has become ubiquitously and intensively pervasive and widely diversified across the whole population spectrum and demography. All this is also an act for the acquisition of Negative Energy, by the West and the Regulatory, the Executive, the Legislative and Judiciary /Enforcement, the Political, the Bureaucratic, the private commercial sectors (real estate /housing, motor vehicles, Universities, Medicine and Pharmacy, etc.) and all organizational related entities in a concerted effort to stop that which is now inevitable for the West. This being, "extremis", or biological frenzied death, without recourse or hope. 

3. The societal fabric of the West has been shredded by its elected and unelected elites; everything in language has been reduced to a Lie. The Children are educated with lies and false paradigm; they are taught to believe what they are fed and to not question. They are taught by 'rote and imitation' and the "political correct". They are taught that they are "waiting to die", and nothing else. They are taught to believe Authority of the Tribal Dominant Group, like Baboons and Chimpanzee. They are not taught to "look within". 'Pavlov's Dogs' have become Pavlov's Children.

4. The Central Banking System of the USA aka the Federal Reserve (FedRes) has been, is, actively and globally directing coordinated operations to support their central membership with public monies, productivity, wealth, assets, etc, which has resulted in a huge surge in private debt, extremely high unemployment, massive bankruptcies and closures in the small enterprise sectors, public unrest, etc. All while attempting to manipulate markets and taxation so as to transfer this Negative Energy to its Central Authority. NIRP or Negative Interest, Austerity, Bail-in's, Bail-out's, "Corzining", Fiat elimination to increase taxation fraud. All this, and all of the FedRes Policies are the Signatures of Entropic Death. The fact is that all these efforts have failed due to the extreme levels of criminal activity, encouraged and cheered on by such Policy elite, which have knowingly usurped (looted) these efforts for personal, political and corporate agenda, without any regulatory resistance whatsoever.

Reason, competence, integrity, responsibility, Objectivity in the USA authoritative centres no longer exist; human and societal values have deteriorated beyond the pale leaving no more honour, compassion or respect; just insanity, out-of-control crazed emotionalism; intense fear, pretense, failure and the desperate and demonic panic to capture all resources that can be captured; in other words, Negative Energy- for a extremely small elite sector of Humanity. 

This is Thermodynamic Equilibrium aka Death. Global Nuclear War, today, is imminent. 

China and Russia: The evidence: 

1. China has since the 1980's evolved into a waking Giant. From a dirty soot covered village of ancient ruins, and cement housing estates, Beijing stands as evidence for the whole World, that in 36 years, China has unleashed its past great Social Belief system of Innovation, applied energies and has rallied the extraordinary Intellectual courage and behavioural activities of past Epoch into a orderly reasoned technological, administrative and citizenry tidal wave, that is, and will entirely encompass the Global society. Telling, are the global trends of *High Speed rail and copper infrastructures, which will eventually cover the planet over the next Century or so, and are set to become the preferred mode of transport and communications of the future, which are, without realization, copying the already neurological like spread of the public awareness and the existing Internet social infrastructures. 

2. Russia: An ancient culture of the Rus, and as old and ancient as the first forms of known Buddhism arriving in Tibet by the Shaman of the Urals and the Steppes to Siberia, somewhere Circa 12,000 BCE, if not before. The previously quenched highly intuitive spirituality of the diverse races of this vast land mass, fired in the furnaces of hell and forged and steeled upon the anvils of the great Khans, Hitler and Stalin, have now appeared Entropically cooled, thus allowing individual Intellectual levels to exceed far beyond those of the West. 

This two bladed sword, China and Russia, is setting the next, far higher level structures and values for the next wave of Entropic Humanity and its organizations and aspirations, as the Geo-political structures of the West slip more quickly now beneath the quick sands of obscurity. Here is Free energy unleashed; the Human Spirit of the Open Spirit, Mind, courage and volitile Will.

Schrodinger seems to have opened the door of Thermodynamics and Entropy into the realm of meta-physics. Although, the popular opinions of a single cycle from birth to death appears to be the extent of common belief, such a stance is clearly challenged by the Universal Principles now arising with and out of Plasma Electric Universe hypotheses. Nevertheless, and without entering into this diversion here, but, this for another day, the well known Attentional Bell Curve dictates the birth and death process from emergence to return. That death is inevitable, yes, but subject to "attention". "Attention" here refers to Intellect. Pay Attention. 

The Canoptic Jars associated with the ancient Egyptian ritual of embalming the dead for their journey into the Underworld was the vessel "I AM" which carried the Heart - for the final Judgment. Those Organs removed from the "I AM" vessel, were the stomach (linked to the East), the lungs (linked to the North), the intestines (linked to the West) and the liver (linked to the South). As such, these symbolic organs are all directly associated with the production of Entropy for the Super Molecules known as Humanity. The Heart however, is beyond this physical Entropic death process and originates the Exogenous Energy, or Free Energy attained through the accomplishment of self-made evolution to the higher state of Human Being in an Open System, as opposed to the devolved proto-Human of the Closed System.

In mundane and practical terms then, the forces of the Status Quo through their own failures due to their embrace of crazed pseudo-ideologies in preference to the pursuit of naturally evolving Intellect, make the provisions through language, lies, propaganda, subversion, oppression, of their own demise, naturally. This is Thermodynamic Equilibrium or Entropic Death. 

There is no escaping the Natural Laws aka Principles of the Universe. Life is a dynamic that moves on. 

The USA, shall I call it "leadership", and all that hangs off it, has devolved its nation's representation through every aspect of its so-called governing system? Devolved, as the USA did not begin this way, au contraire, and this fact alone, sufficiently represents the living evidence and witness to the validity of this hypothesis. The USA in every governing way, dumbed itself down into obscurity and Entropic death. And now, in Entropic death it roams the planet as a merchant of death and destruction feeding on the fecal matter of long dead ideologies, that have never, and will never, contain credibility or integrity; all ideologies are false fantasies; fiction. 

On the other hand, China and Russia have broken the dead-locks of the statists with their false ideologies, and through their hearts and minds have now created the Free Energy necessary for the Eastern rising. Free energy is the growing of the Intellect, the accomplishment of the human spirit, from the basic and fundamental proto-Human protoplasmic emergant. "To Infinity and Beyond." 

“And yet – to deny the succession of time, to deny the self, to deny the universe, are measures of outward despair and inner consolation. Our lot … is not terrible because it is unreal; it is terrible because it is irreversible … Time is the substance of which I am made. Time is a river that bears me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that ravages me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire. The World, alas is real.” Jorge Luis Borges, Borges and I.

We must pursue knowledge in Principles, which we call Universal Laws. The Universe has its medium of Plasma/ neutrinos; the Planet, its medium of Nitrogen / Oxygen; the fish, their medium is water: salt and fresh; all energized to some extent.

There is always a medium.

And, what is the medium of life I ask, but 'time', which, in Principle, is in pure accord with the above? We call it Eternity, yet, we also call it 'time'.

Eternity is Universal 'time'.

We know all life forms obey the Attentional Bell Curve, the life expectation roughly set and subject to circumstances and cognitive attention; where the 'nature of the beast' is found emergent, in an environment to which it must adapt; or not. The environment dictates the nuances of the emergant, but nevertheless, all these life cycles are fused into a suite of mediums.

Borges is indeed correct; 'I am time, and time is a river, and a tiger, which ravages me, and I too am that tiger, which is a fire which consumes me; and I am that fire.'

Borges has described the Electric and Plasma Universe; the medium of emergent universal life, and Man. Eternal 'time'; Fire, and consumption.

Eternity is energy; eternity is 'time'; there is nothing else, apart from that which is emergent from this medium and that which is emergant, is of its Medium; its Mother. Emergence, is creation, and creation is a constant. Eternity is a constant. Isn't this enough? Is this not Eternal?

*It is no coincidence that the growing Global High Speed Rail, Internet and the Human neurological infrastructures of the Planet and the Universe are emergent in an accord which appear to be in an harmonic resonance. Pallas Athena

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