August 05, 2005

Religion and Science are Identical

Religion and Science are of the same process and this process is the manifestation of Man.


Cause and Effect: Where 'cause' is Unity and Effect is
existence, in multiplicity

Where 'effect' is the manifestation process of the
emergent phenomenon, in this case man. The process has an end; the point of return
where this point is akin to royalty as gold; redundant and final.

Effect innately intuits itself as belonging to Unity - this is Religion - it is an innate evocation
It is Intuition. It is the Esoteric - the spirit

Whereas Effect also emerges and manifests to know itself! "Know Thyself"

Function (of man) which is functional Intellect is about enquiry of "Thyself". This process is Science. This is Science! The enquiry into ourself!

It is also the Osirian Cycle!

Intuition guides Intellect while Intellect drives Intuition or Science & Religion are of the same process. It has been said that they are Twin Sisters!

That is, on the path between Cause and Effect or between Unity and Manifestation (at that point of the finality phase of the Effect) the active agents of this process are the esoteric knowledge or the intuitive or the innate experiential knowledge of origin or of Unity - that is, from whence one comes - and the exoteric knowledge which is Science, or the activity of enquiry upon ourself - in complicit and therefore experiential process.

Hence we have the irrational or the contradictory complementaries of emergent phenomenon as evidence of this equation.

All else is of the 'right; hand and is 'technology" that is a recursive stratgy for existence. Technology is not Science!

I say right hand as opposed to left hand as Right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere of the
brain where the Left hand is controlled by the Right hemisphere.

The Right hand represents the 'technological' aspect of man or the 'exoteric' whereas the left hand represents the 'esoteric' or 'spiritual' nature of man.

This was called by the Egyptians the 'crossing' or the 'irrational' and by the Buddhists was represented by their symbol cadeceus whereby every emergent phenomenon in the Universe is of 'duality' which means consiting of contradictory complementataries.

Gender is not duality but yet another aspect whereby two unique entities both consisting of contradictory complementaries, where one has more of one aspect while the other the opposite, such as acid and alkaline -
both being acids, can interchange in coagulation and seperate in coalescence,
it is the same with male and female.

And in "electricity" where there is positive charge and negative charge, and
in plasma - positive and negative ions differ mainly by the number of electrons.

The objective being "polarity". But polarity signifies achievement; the end; the point of return, redundancy as so represented by gold.

Science therefore is a path towards becoming 'effect' that is, manifested 'cause' or the achievement of purpose. You become what your mind intereacts in complicity with, and hence the Cycle of Osiris - the science of the ancient Egyptians left us millenia ago, ignored and forgotten.

Unity --> Multiplicity --> Unity --> Multiplicity -->


Simplicity --> Complexity --> Simplicity -->

ad infinitum,

Science is of the esoteric whereby technology is of the exoteric.
Make no mistake science is of the left hand the spiritual aspect of man whereby technology is of the right hand or the mechanical aspect of man.
Is this not irrational?

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