May 15, 2005

The State is of War

A State that resorts to War & Torture
indicates an executive of Cowardice
an executive that has reached the zenith of its intellectual capacityan executive that hides in holes and behind barbed wire and military...

an executive incapable of honesty
incapable of thought
Incapable of honest expression
incapable of compassion

incapable of understanding.

A State of War exists
when the intellect has reached its end
when the people cry out
for lust
and for blood
when the vitality of the economic forces have died
and imposition of morals in necessary
and enemy is necessary
when the life energies have ebbed
a new hunger covers the land

Those that rule then fear

their loins tremble and revolt
and are wet with their own waste
from all the
crevasses, creases and recesses of the animal
they torture
they bomb
they kill
they lust
their end comes - they stink with fear
for they have no composure - no integrity - no dignity
they are cowards

It is they that are wasted
it is they that are at the end
-there is no more-
but their talk of "God"
this "God" that needs blood
and death and destruction
love through fear

When last have we see this condition
that today ravages the World?

The Fall of the Roman Empire
when morons also ruled
as today
they rule
from their excel
of ineptitude and cowardice
they call it ideology - patriotism.

This pith has run its course
change is in the air
the moronic entitity is in extremis

it will soon be time to rejoice.

Shed a tear for those that suffer
that die
that are being tortured and maimed.

For those
that have lost their dignity, their children their families
that lay in the dust with their bones exposed and bleached
their guts being picked by the vultures
their bones broken and their blood given to the dirt
for it is they that will sate this ravenous evil
that comes from this vile disease and sickness that we call
the executive.

Shed a tear, a moment
for those who suffer
who sacrifice
so much
nay, everything
so that we may live on
in peace

Be Still!

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I am now considered too old to be of further threat but I have survived three institutional attempts to prematurely end my life during my career. The current Global Systemic Collapse (GSC), better described as a 'global leadership collapse' (GLC), is a socio-economic phase-transition brought about by the total failure of global "leadership", to find even the most basic of foresight and compassionate sensitivities to balance the imbalances and injustices that they have wrought on the World. Governments' are now attempting to create an exclusive risk-free corporate environment. This delusional ideology of pure insanity, cannot sustain. This sought "risk-free' corporate banking environment is to be achieved by transferring all risk and all financial losses to the tax-payers (“Main Street”) while maintaining a highly secretive cabal of global elites and ruling politician and bankers. The simple truth is that our "Economic Theory" is a fatally flawed, faith-based farce, and "leadership" do not have the necessary intelligence nor intellect to confront the issues du jour. There are now only Heretics and Fools, but, there is always a “choice”.