May 04, 2005

of Priests

The Certainty of Death Industry
with its corporate headquarters in Rome
is in its final demise and,
not before time.
As every crime and murder, war and genocide
has been perpetrated in the name
of the Chief Executive of all the Priests
it is time to return to the physical sciences where
war has no place.
Here is true Religion

While the brothers of the religious priests,
those priests of science
found their theories in the falsehood of this death enterprise
the priestly domains profit
in their enforced dogma
have soared to mighty heights.
This beast is dying.

Yet, the science of yesterday
clearly indicated so correctly and so clearly
that life is a continuum and death
but a brief manifestation in a planetary form.

The crime of Augustus and his conspirators
those of the political feedings
on human life and gore
like the ghouls of the night
structure the Holy Trinity
of the
Priestly Might
Church - Science - Politic
may be finally put to rest
and replaced with
Intellect, Justice and Rightousness.

Indeed the soul is the true life
while in its planetary coffin
gains its strength, its volume, its value
the measure of which
is only qualitative.

The Earthly coffin be just a challenge; a test
of the Universal traveller
forging a burning and fierce force of a new galactic hub,
that empty axle
where all the power be.

Stay your Mind and hold your Heart
in humility
and with
honour, virtue and courage
may your immortal soul forever more,
meet its destiny
in the stars and crossroads of the Cosmos.

May we celebrate the Death of Ignorance
cast the Priesthood of Pestilence
to history.

May we learn that life is immortal,
once more
that the soul is intelligence
which forms the very pervasive essence of the Universe.

We are "God" - We are all that there is.
The Osirian Cycle
"As above - so below" means not the stars and the Earth
that which is above, is the same for that which is below
or in physical terms

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